Beyond 5/3/1 Pack

More templates

The Beyond 5/3/1 Pack adds the following templates for you to choose from:

It also adds two variant for the Full Body template, namely one with updated percentages and Full Boring.

Joker Sets

For the days you're feeling awesome and want to push your limits, the Beyond 5/3/1 Pack gives you the ability to add Joker Sets to your workouts. A custom interface allows you to choose your increment while you workout and whether you want to attempt the joker set or not.

More warmup and deload options

The Beyond 5/3/1 Pack also gives you the ability to switch to the more progressive (and potentially longer) warmup from the book. It also gives you more options for deloading, allowing you to choose between Deload 1 to 5 from the book or the "High Intensity" deload.

Unlock for $4.99

Price is for the US and may vary per region

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