An app by and for weightlifters doing the 5/3/1 program

Focus on your lifts, Five/Three/One takes care of the rest. From planning your workouts, to tracking your progress, Five/Three/One is the best app out there for people doing Jim Wendler's famous 5/3/1 program.

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Focused and intuitive design

We wanted more than a glorified spreadsheet, so we built Five/Three/One in a way that focuses on the task at hand.

All your sets, calculated

Enter your 1RMs and your whole cycle is calculated.

No more plate math

Plate math isn't hard, but why bother — stay focused and let the app do it for you.

Your progress, visualized

Stay motivated by seeing your progress through time. Keep hitting those PRs.

Features, not gimmicks

Rest notifications

It's easy to go on Instagram and forget how long you've been resting for. Don't worry, we'll notify you once your rest is over.

Sync with Apple Health

Get your workouts saved in Apple Health. Plus we'll even tell you how many calories you've burnt.

Program Periodization

When you're done with your cycle, we'll create the next one for you, adjusting the weight depending on your performance.

Get the books

The app assumes your know how to do 5/3/1. For explanations about the program we strongly suggest you buy the books

5/3/1 Second Edition

5/3/1 2nd Edition

Goes into details about what 5/3/1 is, how to perform the main lifts and covers some of the templates

Beyond 5/3/1

Beyond 5/3/1

Covers a slew of possible modifications to the base program. If you're looking to expand your training and push yourself even further, get this.

Try Five/Three/One today

We love it, and we're sure you will too.

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