Custom Plating

Choose your own plates

The Custom Plating feature allows you to choose which plates can be used by the plate calculator. Whether you got big 100lbs plates, or like to be extra precise with change plates, we got you covered.

Create multiple plate sets

Does your gym have differents sets of plates at different stations? No worries, with the Custom Plating feature you can create multiple plate sets and easily change which one you're using during a workout.

Different barbells? No problem

Like to use a safety bar for squats? Prefer using a 25lbs for overhead presses? Got some heavy collars and want to see their weight accounted for? Great! The Custom Plating feature allows you to define many barbells with their own weight and allows you to easily swtich between them.

Unlock for $2.99

Price is for the US and may vary per region

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